Booking Information

Connexin Live, Hull's official ticketing services provider is AXS


Please be aware that if you don't buy your tickets from authorised outlets you run the risk of being refused entry to the venue or not getting a refund if the event is cancelled or postponed. If you choose not to use the ticket-buying options below and are unsure of the legitimacy of a ticket outlet, we suggest you check the official artist or promoter's website.

How do I book a ticket at Connexin Live, Hull?


Booking Online: You can book tickets online directly from Connexin Live website, search our What's On for shows and once you have made your choice, simply click 'Book Tickets’ on the event page. This will take you straight through to the AXS website to make your purchase. During your point of purchase, signing up to AXS may make your purchasing experience easier and faster. 

You can also buy tickets for accessible areas of the venue online for all events (subject to availability). 

Booking at our Box Office: Like most modern large venues, the Connexin Live box office is not open during the day for purchases. The on-site box office opens 1 hour before showtime on the day of a performance only unless otherwise stated.

Booking Fee: Tickets for events at Connexin Live are subject to a booking fee. This applies to all sales routes. The booking fee charged per ticket pays for the technology infrastructure, telephone lines, credit/debit card processing services, distribution network, merchant charges, labour and other costs associated with arranging and managing ticket inventory and servicing a ticket transaction.

Terms and conditions of sale: Tickets should be checked at the time of purchase as mistakes cannot be rectified later. Once purchased, tickets can only be refunded in line with our terms and conditions; under normal circumstances, this is only when an event is cancelled. 

Children Under 14 Policy

As a responsible entertainment venue, the safety and comfort of our patrons are paramount. This Duty of Care is particularly relevant when protecting minors under 14 years old; as such our policy is that all children under *14 years old must be accompanied by an adult, defined as someone 18+ years of age who will be present for the full duration of the event. For certain shows where the audience is both seated and standing, no one under 14 years old will be permitted AT ALL to stand on the auditorium floor. Parents should always be aware of their general responsibilities regarding their children’s safety in situations where they are outside their direct control, and indeed legislation detailing these responsibilities.

*Unless photographic proof of age is supplied, staff will make a judgement based on visual appearance prior to entry.

Refund Policy

If your event is going ahead on its original date AXS’s standard terms and conditions apply and at this time refunds are not being issued. If you can no longer attend an event AXS has a re-sale policy allowing you to buy or sell resale tickets safely. Terms & conditions apply.

If your event has been rescheduled or cancelled, advice about refunds will be available from your original point of purchase. If you bought your tickets from our official box office, AXS is your most likely point of purchase.

Please note all refunds need to be requested before the date of the event. Requests received on the day or after the event has taken place will not be processed.