We just wanted to say… hello!

We’re Connexin, and in short, we connect people, places & things. We’re a feisty, tech challenger brand revolutionising the broadband and telecoms market.

When our customers join us, we tell them to forget everything they know about bog-standard broadband providers – because we’re not bog-standard, we’re extraordinary and most importantly, we’re different to everyone else.

We’re a proud, Hull-born and bred business and we LOVE our Northern roots – for us, the people and our community always come first. And since we’re already connecting you to the things you love through our broadband, why not connect you to the best live entertainment too? It was meant to be.

We’ve got big plans in store for Connexin Live – we snuck into the marketing team’s meeting (don’t tell them), and they had 3 big bullet points on the whiteboard for this partnership:

  • Make the event-going experience EXCITING.
  • Make Connexin customers feel special – let’s give back to our people!
  • Put Hull on the bloody map.

Well, big ambitions and plans ahead… With a host of benefits coming to ALL event-goers alongside exclusive Connexin customer benefits – Connexin Live is the place to be.

Enough talking about us, if you want to learn more click below: